HBS Medical

Distributing medical instruments, devices and disposables since 1988

Through its legal predecessors, our company, HBS Medical Kft., has been present on the Hungarian market since 1988. Importing and locally distributing medical devices and instruments has been in the scope of our activities from the beginning. Since 1994, we have been executing procurement procedures for healthcare institutions. We have participated in thousands of procurements, for the total value of approximately HUF 55 billion.

We have been the Hungarian distributor of several Western European and overseas companies manufacturing medical instruments and devices. Primarily, we have been serving surgical professions with diagnostic and operational products (such as urology, gynecology, proctology, general surgery, traumatology-orthopedy, nerve surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, ear-nose-throat operations and more).

Most of our partners are well-known, innovative foreign manufacturers. Their products are of cutting-edge technology and high quality, providing effective and, in most cases, cost-saving solutions for both the medical institutions and the patients.


Traditional surgery hand instruments, sterilization boxes, implants for nerve and maxillofacial surgery


Statim 5000 G4 fast table autoclaves


Microsurgical motors, suctions, morcellators


Sonon is the first FDA approved, wireless, portable ultrasound diagnostic device with own wi-fi


Spinal therapy devices, decompression systems 


Skin tightening devices


ENT workstations and instruments in great assortment


The market leading provider of MR compatible products and services for healthcare institutions


Lead free and lightweight lead radiation protection products


Unilateral bipolar endoscopy – a minimally invasive method of spinal surgery


COVID-19 antigen and antibody rapid tests

Phillips Safety Products

Radiation protection glasses and goggles